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Veli Unveiled Audiobook

Performed by John P. Logsdon

4 hours, 51 minutes of audio fun!

A new crew member. An assassination attempt. An identity revealed.

Platoon F is full of dirty jokes, adult situations, and adult language. It's completely ridiculous!

Captain Donn Harr is tasked by the Overseers to take out a world that is growing too quickly on the side of technology. Meaning it's just another day at the office. But when Harr sees the size of the armada he's expected to take down, he and the crew of Platoon F decide on a different route...

As Harr works to get word to the king of this monstrous fleet that they're on track to being destroyed by the Overseers, he finds himself in the brig. Worse, the king he needs to speak with is about to be assassinated, and the man's successor thirsts for war...