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Synthetic DNA Audiobook

Performed by John P. Logsdon

2 hours, 18 minutes of audio fun!

A set of heroes. A race of androids. A human-sized mouse wheel.

Platoon F is full of dirty jokes, adult situations, and adult language. It's completely ridiculous!

Captain Don Harr and his misfit crew have returned to Segnal Prime 500 years in the future, where they learn that they're all heroes. But when it becomes clear that the race of androids has no need for sentient organic beings, things take a turn for the worse...

Harr and Geezer, having been imprisoned, have to put their heads together to find a way out of this mess. The rest of his crew are taken down to the planet to be paraded around and put through integration. Harr can only hope that a crew of miniature aliens can help to free them before it's too late...