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Angry Robots Audiobook

Performed by John P. Logsdon

2 hours, 51 minutes of audio fun!

A celebration. A sudden flood of sludge. A group of pissed-off robots.

Platoon F is full of dirty jokes, adult situations, and adult language. It's completely ridiculous!

Captain Don Harr and the crew of The SSMC Reluctant are being honored at a banquet. But while they're getting medals pinned on, the electricity goes out and the place fills with sewage. Worse, Rear Admiral Stanley Parfait takes it upon himself to protect Captain Harr's buttocks...

It's soon learned that the robots who run the sewers have had enough. They want to get out of the sewers and build a life for themselves that's not so damn degrading. Worse, they've cunningly stolen a ship from the museum and have taken it off the rails…