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Sinister: Unsanctified Audiobook

Performed by Nicole Poole

5 hours, 45 minutes of audio fun!

There's true power in binding. Too bad it's super weird...

This series is loaded with dirty jokes and adult language.

Evangeline's goal of surviving long enough to reclaim House Sinister is getting tougher every day, but the teachings given to her by Garrick forces her to take risks she would otherwise avoid.

The Black Ops Paranormal Police Department has learned that Salem is in charge of the local mob, and they've been tasked with assassinating him. That sounds easy enough on the face of it, but Salem is no fool. Getting to the top of a crime syndicate is not easy, and he's protected himself nicely. Plus, he's loaded with trigger-happy goons who rather enjoy inflicting pain and death.

To make matters worse, there's only one way Eve can build the strength needed to destroy Salem. She'll have to bind with Kayson. The problem is that there hasn't been a hellion bound with a hellwolf since the Old War, over one hundred years ago. That means they have no clue how to manage their new situation, and it's not like there's a user's manual.

But they need the power.

And they'll need even more than that, if they're to succeed. Seeing that Eve can't let the innocents of Los Angeles fall under the oncoming rash of drugs planned by Salem and his goons, she binds with Kayson and the world immediately changes.

Unfortunately, there's a particular hellion named Andras who happens to also have his eye on Salem's enterprise. Seeing it as the perfect stepping stone for allowing him to finally kill Eve, he makes his move against the Los Angeles crime boss at the same time as the Black Ops PPD.

So what happens when two hellions want the same thing, and both are willing to do anything to get it?

All hell breaks loose, of course...