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Sinister: Uncherished Audiobook

Performed by Nicole Poole

5 hours, 35 minutes of audio fun!

And then that happened...

This series is loaded with dirty jokes and adult language.

Evangeline had finally gotten her team running perfectly. Yes, they are members of the Black Ops Paranormal Police Department, which means they are technically the team of the Directors, but that isn't how it works internally. Even the Directors are bowing to her decisions now...mostly.

That's what happens when a hellion begins to grow.

She takes over.

But the tables turn when Eve and her crew find out that the super drug being used to turn normals into crazed killers is back on the market, and it's being supported by the Los Angeles Paranormal Police Department. Having been in the Guard for the majority of her life, there are few things Eve despises more than dirty cops.

Andras, however, has the mob working smoothly at this point. He's still listing his number-one priority as finding and killing Eve, but that seems to be less of a concern to him these days. The power he's wielding topside is far greater than anything he can expect playing in House Varaz. Success at completing the Rite of Decimation would help, certainly, but he knows full well that the council will never let him rule as they should.

That means Andras has a new focus.

And that puts him at odds with Eve more than ever.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there is a new hellwolf in town who's chomping at the bit to kill Kayson, and a set of Dark Wizards who are looking to extract the Core of Discernment from Cruze.

With dirty cops handing out mind-controlling drugs like mad, Andras doing his best to bring the worst criminals into his enterprise, a new hellwolf threat, and Dark Magic users trying to unleash an old source of power...Eve has to do everything she can to keep the world intact.

But when yet another new threat is revealed, it threatens to shatter everything about the Black Ops PPD.

Pain and death are coming...