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Sinister: Unsacred Audiobook

Performed by Nicole Poole

5 hours, 26 minutes of audio fun!

Turns out that mind-control drugs really suck...

This series is loaded with dirty jokes and adult language.

It was bad enough for Evangeline to spend a year running for her life. Now, she was stuck between the Houses who were hunting for her, the hellion-run mob, and an army of normals who are on a power-drug. Oh, and let's not forget the team of Directors controlling the Black Ops Paranormal Police Department...they don't give two shits about her living or dying, they just want their missions completed.

To make make matters even more fun, Andras and his merry band of asshole-hellions have taken over the mob. It provides him with a more organized way of taking out Evangeline, but it also gives him a taste of power that he's not had before. It's intoxicating.

At this point, Eve can't help but wonder if surrendering and being gutted wouldn't be the smartest choice.

It's a damn shame that all those years being mentored by Garrick had kicked her in the scruples.

Leaving the city of Los Angeles to fall under the influence of a deadly drug combination just doesn't sit well with her. Too bad that fighting against the rash of normals who are on the stuff is akin to doing battle with mindless-zombies. Not those slow, meandering type who mumble a lot, either. I'm talking the incredibly fast, ferocious kind who seriously enjoy a nice afternoon chomping on someone's throat.

But Eve has picked up the scent of something in all this, and when she unveils what she's learned, the tables begin to turn.

The worry is whether or not they'll turn before Evangeline, her team, and the city of Los Angeles gets shredded...