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Queen Arthur Ebook

A bored wizard.
A knowing queen.
A king who likes the feel of the frilly on his willy.

Arthur has been dressing in his dearest's clothes for quite some time, but his beloved has just caught him in the act! Fortunately, it turns out that Guinevere prefers to wear the boxers in this family.

When Guinevere recalls a story from her youth regarding a magical talisman that will show a person however he or she desires to be seen, Arthur puts together a questing party and starts on his way. But the knights he's bringing along have a tendency of being difficult and Merlin is busily filming the entire adventure for something called a 'thesis.'

Worse, the quest will require them to go to Scotland...

~~~ Please note that there are LGBTQ+ characters in this series. If you're concerned about our representation of such characters, please read my stance on it here. ~~~