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Knights in the Future Ebook

A trip to the future.
An Arthurian questing party.
What could possibly go wrong?

Merlin is usually the laid back sort, who prefers to kick his feet up and watch the world go by. But it’s been eight months since Merlin has heard from Dr. Allison Smith, the woman from the future who has helped him learn science over all these years.

The only way he can learn what's happened to her is to use the time machine and go to the year 2022, and he'll need Arthur and the knights to accompany him.

But the future brings with it many wondrous and frightening experiences.

Worse, they're broke and have to figure out a way to make some money...

~~~ Please note that there are LGBTQ+ characters in this series. If you're concerned about our representation of such characters, please read my stance on it here. ~~~