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Starliner Audiobook


You get 8 hours, 54 minutes of audio fun!

Space is a scary place. Religious robot terrorists make it scarier…

This series contains adult situations, language, and innuendo.

As head of the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau, Adam Dresker must keep a massive corporate space station in business. But someone jamming robot bodies into the station’s gears is particularly bad for business. To stop the terrorist attacks, Dresker and his misfit crew must bring the culprit to justice…

As missed sales and mechanical corpses pile up, Dresker discovers a connection between the attacks and a robot religious movement known as the Church of Automation, which was based on the infamous Starliner ship.

Decoding motives in the circuits of robot zealots seems impossible.

But if Dresker can’t solve the case soon, not only will the whole station crash and burn, so will the company’s bottom line…