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Platoon F: Big Ass Sci-Fi Comedy Bundle Audiobook

Performed by John P. Logsdon

36 hours, 53 minutes of audio fun!

Find out what the F in Platoon F truly means...

This series is not intended for children. It contains adult content, language, and situations.

This Platoon F bundle contains the first 9 missions, including bloopers and bonus stories. Listen to the entire thing to really get your laughs in!

The SSMC Reluctant (Book 1)
An identity change. A space ship that travels on rails. A new captain who never saw this coming.

Don Harr is a Segnal Space Marine who is being punished due to a military mistake. He has been physically altered, given a new identity, and placed in charge of the antiquated ship known as The SSMC Reluctant. Their first task is to fly the old beast around the planet in celebration of her fiftieth anniversary. But during flight, new orders arrive. Harr learns that their true mission is to destroy a nearby Kortnor space station. Worse, it's a suicide mission.

Angry Robots (Book 2)
Captain Don Harr and the crew of The SSMC Reluctant are being honored at a banquet. But while they're getting medals pinned on, the electricity goes out and the place fills with sewage. It's soon learned that the robots who run the sewers have had enough and they want out.

The SSMC Voyeur (Book 3)
Rear Admiral Parfait is on holiday when an archaic space probe returns to Segnal Prime. It has a message for the people of the planet, which seems innocuous enough, but Rear Admiral Conster sees it as an act of war. That means Captain Don Harr is in charge of fighting that war.

Earthlings (Book 4)
Captain Harr is told that the crew of Platoon F is going to travel back to planet Earth for further study. But Rear Admiral Parfait has decided he wants to join the mission, acting in the role of Senior Diplomat.

Synthetic DNA (Book 5)
Captain Harr and his misfit crew have returned to Segnal Prime 500 years in the future, where they learn that they're all heroes. But when it becomes clear that the race of androids has no need for sentient organic beings, things take a turn for the worse.

Warped Conduit (Book 6)
After breaking away from the Segnal Space Marine Corps, the crew of The SSMC Reluctant is searching for what to do next. Unfortunately, a race of beings who call themselves "The Overseers" already have plans for them. It's one of those deals they can't refuse. Worse, Captain Don Harr quickly learns that his new masters truly want everyone who isn't an Overseer to die. It means no competition.

Kidnap on Fantasy Planet (Book 7)
Things hadn't turned out as expected for Captain Harr in regards to love, but life goes on. But when he ends up dealing with a couple of pretty smart cavemen (who prefer to be called Early Evolutionary Humanoids), things get super strange. That's when a message comes in that the current head of Fantasy Planet, and Harr's prior commanding officer in the Segnal Space Marine Corps, has been kidnapped.

Veli Unveiled (Book 8)
Captain Harr is tasked by the Overseers to take out a world that is growing too quickly on the side of technology. Meaning it's just another day at the office. But when Harr sees the size of the armada he's expected to take down, he and the crew of Platoon F decide on a different route.

The Search for Veli (Book 9)
With Lord Overseer Veli on the run, Captain Harr and his crew of misfits must travel through time to take the bastard down. But screwing with the timeline causes rifts that interrupt everything Harr had ever known.

Bonus Short Story: Liberating the Package
Learn a bit about Captain Harr when he was still Orion Murphy!

Bonus Story: The original Angry Robots
You also get the original Angry Robots story in this bundle!

~~~ Please note that there are LGBTQ+ characters in this series. If you're concerned about our representation of such characters, please read my stance on it here. ~~~